Would you like to work in the United States?

Have you ever considered the possibility of working in one of the largest economies on earth?

The United States is considered the land of opportunity and houses a large number of multinational companies that grow year by year.

Below I will tell you, what are the basic requirements to work in the United States!

Important documents

1) Permanent Resident Card (also known as the famous Green Card),
2) Work Permit, or
3) A work visa based on a job that allows you to work for a specific employer.

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There are two types of work visas in the United States:
– Permanent (Immigrant) or Temporary (Nonimmigrant)
– Permanent worker (Immigrant)

A permanent worker is a person who is authorized to live and work permanently in the United States. The United States government grants a maximum of 140,000 immigrant visas for foreigners per year. Some immigrant visas require that the worker already have a job offer from a US employer in order to apply and / or an approved labor certification from the US Department of Labor.

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Temporary worker (Nonimmigrant)

A temporary worker is a person who wants to enter the United States temporarily for a specific purpose. Once in the United States, temporary workers must limit themselves to the activity or reason for granting them a nonimmigrant visa. Usually, the process must be initiated by the United States employer by petitioning for the temporary worker.

If you want more details about work visas, here is a note with all the details.

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I hope you liked this information and that it was valuable!

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[…] I invite you to read our article about Working in the United States if you haven’t read it! Here […]


[…] I invite you to read our article about what are the basic requirements to work in the United States if you have not read it! Here […]

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