What are family petitions?

The laws allow foreigners, who are relatives of US citizens or permanent residents, to obtain the green card or green card.

One of the most common processes for foreigners, to live and work legally in the United States, is through a family petition.

What are family petitions?

The requirements of age, delay times, possibilities of adjustment of status and of including other relatives in a single petition depend on the degree of the relationship between the citizen or resident of the United States submitting the petition and the foreigner who is benefited.

The Immigration and Citizenship Service classifies family kinship relationships into two types: “immediate family members” and “preferential immigrants.”

“Immediate family members” are spouses, unmarried children and children under 21, and parents of American citizens. Immediate family members are not subject to any waiting period and may apply for American residence immediately through a United States Embassy or adjust their status within the United States.

On the other hand, “preferential immigrants” are separated into preference categories depending on kinship. The residences assigned to these categories are subject to the maximum annual regulatory amounts. The preference categories are grouped as follows:

First preference: unmarried children, over 21, of US citizens.
Second preference (2A): spouses and unmarried children, under 21, of permanent residents.
Second preference (2B): unmarried children, over 21, of permanent residents.
Third preference: married children, of US citizens, their husbands and unmarried children, under 21 years.
Fourth preference: brothers of US citizens, their husbands and unmarried children under 21 years.

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