Tourist Visa Cancellation

Did you know that your B1 / B2 tourist visa can be canceled or revoked without prior notice?

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Information about Tourist Visa Cancellation

Below, we highlight the most frequent causes of cancellation:

1) Staying longer than allowed. When entering the United States, you should look at document I-94 where the immigration officer sets the date you mus depart the country.

2) If it is suspected that the tourist visa is used for a different purpose. For example, decided to study, enter to get married, among others.

3) By frequently entering the country or continuously extending your stay.

4) Having medical expenses that have not been paid.

5) Working in the United States without a corresponding work permit.

I invite you to read our article about how to extend your tourist visa if you have not read it! Here

What to do in case my visa has been canceled or revoked?

If you wish to re-enter the United States, you must have a new visa. You can contact Vargas Law Group so that we can advise you in the process of obtaining a new tourist visa.

Depending on the individual case of each person, it is sometimes necessary to request an immigration waiver to obtain a new tourist visa.

In cases where you have been staying longer than allowed, a punishment of three to 10 years may apply.

If you have used the visa for purposes other than tourism, such as studying, working, there is no penalty, but obtaining a new visa could be more difficult.

If you have been through this situation where your tourist visa has been canceled, do not hesitate to contact our Immigration office to advise you on how to obtain a new visa and be able to enter the United States again.

I hope you liked this information and it has been of value! We invite you to visit our page at Vargas Law Group

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