Jobs in greatest demand in the United States

Thousands upon thousands of people want to emigrate to the United States to work and improve their quality of life. In this post we share a list of jobs in greatest demand in the United States

Jobs in greatest demand in the United States

List of Jobs!

As we have previously told you, for an immigrant to work legally in the United States, a corresponding work permit is required by law. If you wish, you can contact our Immigration office and we can analyze what type of work visa you would be eligible for.

According to the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Labor, the most required professions today and for the next 5 years are the following:

  • Home Health & Personal Care Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing
  • Geneticists
  • Physiotherapy assistant
  • Statistics
  • Mathematicians
  • Software developer
  • Application developer
  • Computer security analyst

I invite you to read our article about how to look for a job in the United States if you haven’t read it! Here

For all these professions a university degree is required to guarantee that you have sufficient knowledge to be able to practice.

Likewise, if you study any of these professions in your country of origin and wish to practice your profession in the United States, you must revalidate your degree so that you are allowed to practice in the United States with a corresponding license and a visa that allows you to work in that selected area.

I hope you liked this information and that it was valuable to you!

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