How is the Vargas Law Group different from other immigration law firms?

We differ from others because of the personalized attention we offer to our clients.

From the moment the client contacts us for the first time until the conclusion of his case, the client always has direct communication with Federico Vargas. Attorney Federico Vargas personally takes your call, talks to you, and immediately answers your questions. In this way, the client feels valued, respected, and confident that an experienced attorney is in full control of their case.

In addition, our firm always remains flexible to the needs of our customers. Our fees are very reasonable compared to other law firms, and we offer payment plans tailored to our clients.

My name is Federico Vargas, proud father of Martina and husband of Gimena.
With my family we lived the process of emigrating from Argentina to the United States, so we understand the fears and emotions that come into play when taking the step and changing the lifestyle. That is why I am passionate about being an immigration lawyer and helping families go through this process.

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